Forming (Anodisation) Plant

The forming Electro Chemical Oxidation Plant, for the oxide formation on the Positive Electrode of the Aluminium Electrolytic capacitor, ranging from 5.3 to 450 VDC working voltage.

Electrolyte Production Facilities

The Company have the full range of  Electrolyte Production facilities Indigenously developed by R&D department for the Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors (6.3 to 500 VDC, -400C to +500oC Working temperature and voltage).

Dematerialized water production plant

The company has an ion exchange based de-materialized water plant (capacity 24000 Lt/day), for the forming plant and other electrochemical activities.

Lead tab production facilities & Lead tab washing facilities              

In the electrolytic capacitor, lead tabs are the connecting material of the inner electrode foils to external circuits. This is a composite material, consisting of 4 different metals. Lead tab manufacturing is a high-speed automatic welding, shearing and shaping process.

The lead tab manufactured from the machine has welding residue and oil residue. So the item is to be cleaned thoroughly before applying in the capacitor production line. Acidic, alkaline and organic solvent cleaning and drying semi-automatic machines are used for this purpose.

Printing facilities          

Printing of rating, category, date code etc is done in two methods :(a)Printing on the capacitors outer plastic sleeve. (b)Direct printing on the curved metallic / Plastic surface of the capacitor.

Lead tab stitching/cold welding, rolling, impregnation, casing, sealing and sleeving facilities

Lead tab stitching/cold welding is a process where external connecting leads are attached to the electrode foil. It is a highly sensitive and precision demanding process. Rolling is the process in which anode electrode foil, cathode electrode foil and condenser tissue paper are rolled together, to form a cylindrical section. Impregnation is the process in which the working electrolyte is admitted into the rolled section in vacuum condition. The casing is the process in which the impregnated rolled section is encapsulated in an outer aluminium casing. Sealing is the process in which the outer aluminium casing is hermetically sealed using rubber/Bakelite. Sleeving is the process in which plastic heat shrinkable covering is done on the metal casing, to electrically insulate the capacitor body.

Impregnation process section

The section has an automatic vacuum-pressure cycle and temperature-controlled impregnation unit with reservoir for large can and Screw Terminal Capacitors, a vacuum-pressure cycle and temperature-controlled impregnation unit with reservoir for Motor Start Capacitors, a manually operated vacuum-pressure cycle and temperature-controlled impregnation set up with reservoir for radial Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors, a temperature-controlled element drying units and an Excess electrolyte centrifuging set up.

Capacitor sealing and sleeving sections

The section has an automatic bunging, casing, sealing & sleeving machine for miniature capacitors, a manual sealing machine and Semi-automatic sealing machine for Motor Start Capacitors & Large can capacitors. The axial type capacitors are assembly machines. Sealing machine for Screw Terminal Capacitors, Motor Start and Large can Capacitors cover assembly machines.

Sleeving sections

The section has an automatic sleeving machine for the complete range of radial capacitors, a manual sleeving set up for Motor Start, SNAP-IN, Large can & Screw Terminal capacitors and a tar melting & dispensing machine for Motor Start double can capacitors, for electrical isolation of the capacitor body.

Fully Automatic Sub miniature radial capacitor production unit

Fully Automatic stitching, rolling, impregnating, sealing and sleeving unit for subminiature capacitor production line.

Capacitor ageing, Testing and sorting section

The section has fully automatic ageing, testing & sorting machine for Radial Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors, a manual ageing setup, oven & power supplies for this process, a semi-automatic capacitor testing & sorting setup and a motor Start Capacitor test setup.

Quality assurance incoming inspection lab

The lab provides equipments and facilities for the inspection & testing of various chemicals and raw materials used for the manufacturing of Aluminium Electrolytic & Metalized Polypropylene Capacitors.

Quality assurance finished product inspection section

The lab provides equipments and meters for the testing various parameters & quality of Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors, Endurance testing facilities for Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors and Calibration facilities of the entire range of equipments & meters used for the Aluminium Electrolytic & MPP Capacitor's production. 

Metalized Polypropylene capacitor manufacturing facilities

Film rolling machines, Rolled elements clearing & testing machines, Zinc spray gun unit for metalizing on end terminals, Finished MPP capacitor testing & sorting machines, Direct Inkjet printing machines on the capacitor, MPP capacitor potting process plant with setup ovens, stirrers, soldering unit & other utilities for the process and Polyurethane resin production plant are provided for manufacturing MPP Capacitors.

Carbon film and metal film resistors manufacturing facilities

Nickel-Chromium alloy coating on ceramic pellets using ionic discharge at ultra-high vacuum machine & are end-capped using tin-coated caps, Automatic capping machines, Automatic capped body sorting machines, Automatic spiralling machine for turning the resistance value, Automatic connecting lead welding machines, Lacquering and colour-coding machines are provided for manufacturing carbon film and metal film resistors.

Piezo electric Crystal manufacturing facilities

Felker cutting machine for quartz cutting, Multi-blade watering machine for slicing the crystal block, Crystal rounding machine for rounding crystals, X-ray Goniometer for measuring the angle, Optical lathe -I for manual shaping of crystal piece, Lapping machines (2No.s) for thickness adjustment, Optical lathe -II for beveling quartz piece/for grinding quartz surface and Vacuum coating unit for plating (silver/ gold) either sides of crystals for terminal connection are the facilities provided.

Effluent Treatment plant

The company has an effluent treatment plant (capacity 3000 Lt/day), to treat wastewater from the process and other activities to protect the environment.